Symptom Items to check
Unit won’t power up
  • Confirm if the unit is well connected to the USB port
  • Confirm if the USB port is working properly
Microphone is not working
  • If there is an ON/OFF switch on the microphone, make sure this is ON
  • Confirm that the microphone does not need phantom power.
Can’t hear microphone input
  • Confirm the correct audio interface is selected in the system configuration settings
  • Confirm if the microphone is working
  • Confirm the preamp Gain is turned up
Preamp controls have no effect on input signal
  • Confirm the microphone is working
  • Confirm the correct preset is chosen or controlled
  • Confirm there is a difference in settings between the presets
Noise is heard when no microphone is connected
  • Lower the Gain settings; mic preamps can generate noise when not used
Headphone is silent
  • Confirm the headphone is working
  • Confirm the headphone is selected as audio output of your system, and it’s volume is sufficient.
  • Confirm the Level is set in the used preset


  1. Warranty
    Technical Del Arte provides a warranty on all hardware products. To learn more, please visit or contact technical Support. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary by country and state.
  2. Maintenance
    MIKI-D does not contain a fuse or any other user-replaceable parts. The unit is internally calibrated at the factory. No internal user adjustments are available.
  3. Repair service
    If you are having trouble with MIKI-D, first check all system setups, connections, software installations, and the Troubleshooting chart. If that doesn’t help, contact technical Support. To learn more about repair service, please visit: