MIKI-D Type A and TYPE C microphone cable with integrated DSP

MIKI-D lets you connect your microphone, headphone and mobile device as one single unit. TYPE A plug easily inserts into WINDOWS or MAC pc and when used with OTG* for Android or USB camera adapter* for iOS into mobile devices. TYPE C plug easily inserts into WINDOWS , MAC pc, iPad, iPhone and Android devices with USB Type C connection.

MIKI-D TYPE A and C: Available here!

What makes MIKI-D different?

1 Cable connects your mic, headphone and device 1.5 Metres of professional microphone cable comes with integrated DSP and headphone output Slide switch to select between 3 different DSP channel strip presets
Field proven by major broadcasters worldwide No batteries required Stereo 3.5 mm socket for headphone and metal Switchcraft XLR connector for mic
Best of class sound quality Full duplex operation, simultaneous recording and playback USB-A or USB-C
The reporters’ perfect companion Excellent EMI shielding and protection Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands
  • Seamless operation with LUCI LIVE, LUCI LIVE SE, LUCI LIVE LITE
    and other broadcasting software, ensuring the perfect sound for all
  • MIKI-D TYPE A connects to iOS Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, or a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter.
  • * OTG and Lightning to USB/USB 3 Camera Adapter have to be bought separately.