(1) Microphone connector

XLR Switchcraft Female connector for connecting any dynamic microphone.


1.8m (6ft) balanced microphone cable. Extends the distance between the microphone and the MIKI-D.

(3) PRESET SELECT switch

The preset switch can be used to choose between the 3 presets. Default they are preprogrammed like the classic MIKI for setting the input sensitvity gain: 0 dB (line input), 30 dB and 40 dB gain. The presets can be changed with our special MIKI-D Control software.

(4) Analog to Digital to Analog converter

For converting the analogue microphone signal to the digital domain and vice versa. The converter used is a 24 bit Analogue to Digital (ADC) and Digital to Analogue (DAC) converter. The two input channels of the ADC are used to convert one Mono microphone signal. This improves the noise response of the conversion.

(5) Digital Signal Processor

This is the main core of the MIKI-D. The DSP handles the digitally converted audio signal from the ADC and DAC to the USB port. The DSP includes a Channel-Strip functionality containing several hardware accelerated DSP effects.

(6) Headphones connector

To connect your favourite stereo headphones.

(7) USB port connector

USB-A Male connector compatible with any USB-A port or USB-C Male connector compatible with any USB-C port.