Adjust and store your presets

in the device via the intuitive MIKI-D Control application for macOS and Windows

The MIKI-D Control is a remote control program for macOS and Windows which enables you to setup your MIKI-D the way you like it. Above, you see a screenshot of the main window of MIKI-D Control. At a glance you can see how the two presets of MIKI-D are setup. Any changes made here are immediately reflected on the MIKI-D. Choose different preset, adjust gain, EQ, save presets to disk, load presets from disk, choose between multiple connected MIKI-D’s, see what sample-rate and bit depth is currently used, etc.

Get total control over your MIKI-D

  • Control all your MIKI-D presets in real-time.
  • Use MIKI-D in your favourite application and use MIKI-D Control to set all DSP processing while you listen to the MIKI-D through your favourite application.

List of parameters

Currently available in the MIKI-D:

  • Input Gain
  • Invert phase
  • Lo cut
  • EQ Low, parametric or shelving
  • EQ High, parametric or shelving
  • Noise gate with Attack, Release, Range, Close and Open level.
  • Monitor Level
  • Microphone Output Level
  • Headphone Output Level

Addition for MIKI-DX:

  • Bus level to mix

Output limiter

In addition to this, the MIKI-D also contains a limiter at the output, so whatever you do, there will be no harsh digital distortion hearable.

Save and exchange presets

With MIKI-D control you can save and load presets for later use or exchange presets with other MIKI-D users by using standard MIKI-D configuration files.

Update your MIKI-D’s firmware

You can use MIKI-D Control to check for updates and easily update your MIKI-D to the latest firmware versions. Different ready made UI styles available. English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch language.